1. Katie Kox Flesh Drive
  2. Katie Kox Flesh Drive

    Price:  $45.00

    Contains 15+ Porn Scenes from my website "Katie Kox" featuring....  ME  heart , all on a 4GB Flash USB drive.

    Now using the new FleshDrive 2.0 player you get a discreet email called "Fleshmail" that you can only access with your fleshdrive and a Web browser that allows you to hide all your tracks. Just Plug in and Play this small and compact device. Put it on your key chain and take it every where you go for a good time. Makes a great gift for porn lovers and those who want to be discreet.

    I'll also personalize it with a signed 8x10 glossy picture of me from one of the scenes on the drive. Just be sure to leave me the details of who you want me to write the note too when you check out wink

    xoxo Katie Kox